A work timer and ambient noise player built with React Native
1 Nov 18
sound focus product image

SoundFocus is simple work timer modelled around the Pomodoro technique. The general idea is you work for a 25 minute interval, followed by a 5 minute break. After 4 work intervals you take a 20 minute break before starting the process all over again. This technique allows you to break your work down into short, managable sprints and is proven to improve productivity.

Additionally, SoundFocus uses ambient noise to help drown out distractions. There are 3 types of noise available: White, Pink and Brown noise. These generated noises emulate natural sounds such as streams, waterfalls and ocean waves.

I built SoundFocus as a learning project. My primary goals were:

  • Develop a project from initial UX research and design to a released product
  • Learn React Native for mobile development
  • Develop a structured workflow for personal projects

SoundFocus is free on the google play store: