Oni Kira: Demon Killer
A game I helped build at BatCat Games in 2014/2015
29 May 18

Back in 2014 I joined BatCat games in Dublin to create OniKira Demon Killer, a 2d hack n' slash action game in the vein of Devil May Cry and God of War. I originally joined the team as a level designer but as production continued I took on more responsibility as a programmer, scripting gameplay events, cutscenes, boss battles and creating numerous tools to improve the workflow of myself and the team. This was a big step in my transition from being design orientated to a more technical focused.

We released OniKira on Steam in August 2015.

Here's what I worked on at BatCat Games:

  • Designed and implemented (C#) gameplay mechanics, combat encounters and boss fights in released game OniKira: Demon Killer
  • Designed mechanical and visual elements across all game levels
  • Developed tools and procedural assets to improve workflow
  • Designed and implemented audio effects
  • Tested gameplay and reported bugs
  • Supported customers in public forums and aided in marketing our game